Perl Multicore Registry

This document describes the known modules supporting the perl multicore specification. If you want your module to be listed here, send me an e-mail with the data.

You can learn more about the Perl Multicore Specification at

Compress::LZF3.8CPANall compression > 2000 octets, decompression > 4000 octets
Convert::UUlib1.7CPANfile loading, decoding
Crypt::Ed255191.03CPANall keygen, sign, verify functions
Crypt::Spritz1.0CPANnon-aead encryption, prng > 4000 octets, hashing, aead > 400 octets
DBD::SQLite1.62Perlmulticoredatabase open, sql exec calls, most/all? callbacks
DBD::mysql4.050Perlmulticoreconnect, ping, all sync. statement execute calls, reconnect...
Digest::Hashcash1.0CPANtoken generation only
Digest::MD41.9Perlmulticoreadd, md4* > 10000 (but not addfile)
Digest::MD52.54Perlmulticoreadd, md5* > 8000 (limited addfile)
Digest::SHA5.95Perlmulticoreadd, sha*, hmac* > 8000 (but not addfile)
Gtk2::CV(cvs)CPANjpeg loading, image transformations
String::CRC321.5Perlmulticorestring form of crc32 > 30000

Perl Multicore Repository

Some modules are not patched by their authors, but are available in the perl multicore repository repository. The repository contains, for each such module, the diff needed to add perlmulticore support and a fully patched tarball.

All diffs in the repository can be "licensed", at your option, as public domain, CC0, or the same license as the files it applies to.